GameFly to close cloud gaming service after EA acquisition


Just a few months ago we learned that Electronic Art’s (EA) had acquired the full rights to Gamefly’s Israel based cloud gaming services, personal and intellectual properties.

This week users of GameFly’s game streaming service started receiving notification that as of September their cloud-based streaming service would cease operations.  However GameFly want’s you to know they are not getting out of the gaming business as customers will be able to continue renting physical copies of games via mail for the foreseeable future.

With the impending closure, users on computers, LG and Samsung Smart TV’s, as well as owners of Amazon’s fireTV devices, will need to find an alternate solution for their gaming needs.

What exactly EA will due with GameFly’s technology is unknown but it’s probably safe to say since EA has been working on their own cloud-based streaming service for some time it’s highly likely we will be seeing some incremental implementation in the future once EA officially reveals their service.


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